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Yoga at Home for Better Health & Relaxation

Yoga at Home for Better Health & Relaxation

Not only has yoga grown in popularity over the last decade, but there are a slew of studies proving that with this one element of “exercise” added to your life, you can improve your overall physical health, calm your mind and, quite literally, transform your mood. Simply by setting aside 15 minutes a day for yoga practice, you will reap the rewards and experience benefits you never even thought possible.

The number one reward, which any doctor will tell you, is the improvement of flexibility and mobility. It’s important to note that you don’t have to be a super-flexible person to partake in yoga. Actually, the beauty of yoga is that all abilities and skill levels can practice the art. In only a few minutes a day, practicing poses like the warrior will soon increase your flexibility, and you’ll notice the difference almost immediately.

Another thing to remember is your mind-set. When people talk about exercise, losing weight, or building strength, most brains immediately think about “the gym.” The place where sweating, breathing heavy, and hurting your bones is the only way you’ll see a difference when it comes to your body’s fitness. That is a complete and utter farce. Daily yoga practice allows you to stretch and tone muscles. And with all the cool poses to choose from, you’ll be working out and toning everything from arms and legs to abs…without having to pass out after lifting heavy weights you never really had to lift in the first place.

With the clock moving forward on all of us, many complain that sitting at desks and doing our daily work is seriously causing pain. There is a whole industry built on correcting posture and creating chairs, stand-up computer desks, and so on to help your back and neck pain. With yoga, however, on a daily basis, you’re improving your posture, walking correctly, sitting at your desk with your back straight – automatically alleviating all that pain.

In addition, yoga not only offers your body everything a gym can, but it goes one large leap forward by providing peace for the mind and allowing you to do everything at your own pace; in your own home. People are so worried about weight loss that, yet again, another realm of consumer products has been built over the decades and increased twenty-fold. “Eat this!” “Eat that!” “Don’t eat at all!” Your own doctor frowns upon these weight-loss programs because they do damage. With yoga, a daily workout increases your metabolism, hence burning fat and taking the weight off. Yoga also restores the hormonal balance in your body, which helps bring your body weight back to normal.

The unique thing yoga can provide, which no other pill or workout regime can, is the ability to de-stress. Goodness knows we’re all trying to find a way to accomplish that. By introducing yoga into your life, you strengthen that mind-body connection, increase your energy, sleep better, learn how to breathe deeply and slowly, and how to relax in this panic-charged world.

Start with the fun part! Set aside some space in your home and design your very own yoga ‘room.’ This is a truly fun thing to do, and all you have to remember is to make sure it’s quiet and just for you. It’s time to start living longer and feeling better while doing it!

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