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Now, what if I told you that there is one piece of outdoor clothing that is a “must-have” when you wish to stay warm while fishing, hunting, and enjoying those first snowfalls of winter? A piece of gear that you do not need to scrimp on, simply because it will grant you a huge return on your investment?

People will speak volumes about denim, leather, flannel, etc.; however, the one and only layer that is necessary for your wardrobe this winter is that wool sweater that nothing else can compete with. Check with all the generations of your family; Grandpa will tell you that his wool sweater is always with him no matter where he goes. Why? Because it is not only one of the most effective pieces of gear, but it’s also the most cost-efficient and beats the competition in both durability and function.

Price alone is enough to back away from a great many products – especially those that have yet to prove they can do the job and keep you warm. But the wool sweater proved itself long ago to be the essential layering piece to protect from hypothermia and keep you safe and warm while enjoying those winter months outside.

The facts are there: Cotton is not warm, so a wool sweater is a better choice than a sweatshirt. Although wool is mocked by some as coming off the hangar at Goodwill, if you don’t scrimp where this layer is concerned, you will find it worthwhile because it will last for a good, long time. And, unlike in Grandpa’s era, the wool sweater is now a stunning piece of clothing that comes in all colors that will have you buying more than one to wear it during the workweek as well to keep you warm and update that old-fashioned suit.

A layer of choice for everyone from rock climbers to skiers in Aspen, the wool sweater seemed to fall out of style when the synthetic “fleeces” came into being. Unfortunately, for those who jumped on the trend, the fleeces didn’t live up to the hype.

Cashmere is the softest and most expensive of the wool sweater materials and can be eight-times warmer than sheep’s wool. Fetching high prices, it’s still a popular choice because of how long it lasts. And if you happen to be allergic to sheep’s wool, never fear. There are Alpaca wool sweaters that are just as fantastic. The hair of this particular camel is raved about because it traps warmth and body heat in while also being hypoallergenic, which makes it a perfect choice.

When being out in the wilderness enjoying nature or any of your cold-weather activities and sports, wool keeps you warm, dry and never smells. A fine wool sweater is perfect for any outdoor adventure, make sure to take the time to check labels and understand what real wool feels and looks like before you spend.

Yes, Grandpa was right about this, too. Make sure to re-introduce this classic layering piece into your outdoor wardrobe today, and enjoy the warmth it brings. Whether you’re layering up at the campfire, setting out on a brisk alpine start, or heading out on that cold winter trail, your wool sweater will do you proud.

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