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Nevada Hemp Industry Helps Diversify Funds

Hemp Industry

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The state of Nevada’s economy is looking at one issue: how to diversify funds. Whereas most states are always interested in how the heck to bring in more, Nevada is looking to perhaps jumpstart their economy by looking into the profitable hemp industry currently operating in the state.

Cultivating hemp was illegal in America for over seven decades, until various states realized how much it would bring into their state’s coffers if both medical and recreational marijuana was legalized. In 2018, along came the passing of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018.

Despite all the debates, the laws being passed versus the ones that die on the Senate floor, despite the fact that consumers have voted cross-country to make hemp legal, the U.S. remains one of the largest importers of the flower. Now, add to that a previous Farm Bill allowing states, such as Nevada, to start their own limited pilot program of legal hemp growth, and you can see why legalization for all should be right around the corner.

But even with all the changes, new laws and the passing of the 2018 Act, there are still issues. And because of this diversification issue, Nevada is launching this research study in order to develop a market that has already proven to increase jobs and immediately boost a state’s economy even further.

Lawmakers say that Nevada is perfect for this sort of study because the state has all the requirements already in place: Lots of land and lots of vacant buildings that can be utilized as indoor grow houses. By using these assets, this study will examine the available funding sources for research on the plant, as well as review current trends in the hemp industry. It will research innovative methods that can be put in place to get the industry growing fast. In addition, Nevada will also focus this study on developing programs designed to help economic development through hemp cultivation businesses and the production and sale of all hemp products. This is truly the smartest and fastest way, lawmakers say, to get all Nevada citizens back to work and back on their feet.

For those who may not be aware, CBD production is the main thing hemp is known for. CBD, however, is only one byproduct of the plant; there are so many others that could be used safely and quickly. The seeds have already been proven to be a serviceable product that not only is being used as a source of food, but the hemp plant stalk is also currently being used in textiles, biofuel and construction materials – items that are needed by one and all. In other words, there are various industries where hemp would improve that industry ten-fold.

It was back in 2015 that state lawmakers approved creation of a hemp pilot program. From that point, the industry immediately began to “blossom.” What began as 13 registered growers (2016) shot up to 116 by 2018, and with that growth came major increases in both indoor and outdoor growth spaces that are registered in the state of Nevada.

There are even former lawmakers and legislators, who first sponsored the hemp pilot program, letting everyone in charge know that hemp oil has helped them personally when it comes to arthritic and other health conditions; they expand even further by stating how beneficial hemp would be to the agricultural community of the state.

One such man is former Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom who recently spoke about the dive into this hemp industry study: “We’re intending to… bring hemp into Clark County to let people study it and grow it in some of the neighborhood gardens that the university participates in…it’s an incredibly valuable product.” He also noted that this is nothing but a win-win situation for both residents and the state, itself.

Segerblom actually has a strain of cannabis named after him, which makes sense seeing as that he led the masses to legalize pot in the state. As most people will agree, his crusade did very well for Nevada, and this study will bring even more positives their way.

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