It is time to “Play Ball”

Major League Baseball “believes” it may be possible during this season. Fans may get the opportunity to attend games depending on if conditions improve with the COVID situation across the state and country. It would be great to participate in a game or two, especially since the vast majority of fans have been “cooped up “for so many months.

“Play Ball” Finally!

Fingers crossed! With all of the rules, regulations, and attendance requirements for MLB, much less whatever really gets decided once football comes around, the best all of us “sports” fans can do is watch a game on television, on-line or listen on the radio for now. The 60-game season is underway, so this is a good time to get with family and friends for a bit of relaxation and pull for the Mariners!

After all, what else do you have to do right now? Work?  Check out the new season schedule for the Seattle Mariners today

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